Enabling Community Stake

Empower your members to be true owners

You can enable Community Stake during the Create Community Process. To enable Community Stake, your community must be on a network where it is available. Community Stake is only available on the Base chain at launch.

Once you select your network, i.e. Base, provide a name and generate a community image, you will be asked to choose a name for your Namespace, and a symbol for your Community Stake. A namespace is an address that represents your community on-chain.

The final step of enabling Community Stake is to sign two transactions to reserve your community’s namespace onchain, and then deploy the smart contract for community stake on your intended network.

  1. You must sign a transaction with your connected wallet to reserve your namespace.

  2. You must sign a transaction to launch community stake onchain.

Please note, this process is irreversible once complete.

Now that you have enabled Community Stake, members can buy it directly on your community page.

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