Admins are able to set webhooks via the 'Manage Community' button in the Admin Panel.

Communities often use webhooks for sharing new threads/proposals to Discord, Telegram, Element, and Slack.

Clicking on the gear emoticon next to a specific webhook will allow the admin to specify what events should trigger the webhook.



To add a telegram webhook, you must first add our Telegram bot as a member of your group. Invite this bot to your group: https://t.me/CommonWebhooksBot Once the bot is a member, promote this bot as an admin while keeping the default admin settings the same.

Then, in Telegram, obtain your group's id, by clicking info > share link. You will see a link like this: https://t.me/<your-group-id>.The end of this url is your group id.

In Common, you will add a webhook link to the admin panel in the following format: https://api.telegram.org/@<your-group-id>.

Webhook events will now appear in your TG group!

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