Self Serve Community

The self serve forum creation page can be access by clicking the “+” button on the sidebar.

Once you are on the “New Common Community” page, navigate to the type of forum that you would like to create and then fill out the required fields.

The chains that we currently support for token forum creation are:

  • NEAR

  • Cosmos

  • Ethereum

  • Substrate

  • Solana

  • Celo

  • Arbitrum

  • Fantom Opera

  • Gnosis Chain (Formerly xDai)

Please note in order to spin up a Cosmos, Substrate or Near Token community you MUST reach out to the common team - Please feel free to message Mark_CMN on Telegram, email or check out our discord

Once you successfully create a forum, you can access your manage community portal and other admin features under admin capabilities on the left side of your screen as seen below

Checkout our admin walk thru here

Note: If you are unable to create a forum, it may be because there is a forum already made for the project. To check if this is the case, search the project name in search from the home page. If you do find that there is a forum already made for the project, message @Mark_CMN on Telegram, email or reach out via our discord to gain admin access.

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