Thread Interactions


When you view a Thread, you can interact with it in a few ways.

Publisher Profile

Clicking on the Author Name will take you to their profile page

Post Drop Down Carat Menu

Clicking on the Arrow will allow you to

  1. Subscribe to notifications

  2. Delete the thread if you are the author or an admin

  3. Edit the stage of the thread if you are the author

Share the Post

Clicking on the Share Icon will allow you to

  1. Copy the thread URL for sharing

  2. Share the thread to Twitter

Linking Threads to Proposals

Post publishers, admins, and moderators can link a thread to the proposal that came from it.


Post publishers are given the option to add a poll the thread that they made.

This gives the post publisher the ability to gauge community sentiment before pushing the idea into a formal vote.

Creating a Thread

community members can create a thread by clicking the “create thread” button in the top right corner of the forum header. Thread creators can add in a topic, polling, and more

Adding Images

Images can be added in both the comments and post itself in threads.


Within threads, users can quote what other community members said previously in the discussion.


Users can tag other community members during the discussion happening in a thread

Upvoting & Replying

Similar to Reddit, upvoting and replying is supported in Common posts. See below as an example:

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