A thread consists of:

  • Initial post

  • Link to the person that posted it

  • Ensuing comments (presented in a Reddit-like format)

Clicking the emoticon next to 'New Thread' will automatically create a new discussion thread.

Clicking on 'New Thread' in the Community Header will allow you to specify what type of thread you would like to create. Each community has their own kinds of threads. These are set by the community admins via the Admin Panel.

When drafting a new thread, you need to set a Topic and Title, in addition to drafting your thread. Options for topics are specified by the community admins in the Admin Panel.

Once created, the author is able to edit the original post. Community members can then comment on the thread, upvote the thread, and upvote comments.

Threads and comments can have:

  • Headers, Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough

  • Numbered Lists, Bullets, Checklists

  • Links, Citations/Call-outs, Member Tags

  • Embedded images, tweets, videos

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