Create a Community on Common

What is a Community on Common?

There are no two community's cut from the exact same cloth; and thus Community's on Common come in different shapes and sizes. Common has been the hub for executing community governance or general ideation and everything in between.

If you're project has already launched a token, you can connect it to your common community - we currently support Cosmos, ERC 20, ERC 721, Substrate, Solana and Near Tokens.

Please note in order to spin up a Cosmos, Substrate or Near Token community you MUST reach out to the common team - Please feel free to message Mark_CMN on Telegram, email or check out our discord

If you're pre token launch, feel free to launch with our Starter Community option!

There are two ways to create a common community:

If you want to migrate your discourse community to common, please see the page below

pageDiscourse Import

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